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Duffle Bags
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Duffle Bags

  • Great lightweight luggage on wheels that’s easy to handle.

  • Extra flexibility when travelling by train or car.

  • Handy home storage option when you’re in between trips.

American Tourister’s duffle bags are the ideal option when you need a lightweight wheeled bag that is flexible and easy to handle. Travelling by train or car? Then this is the bag for you. Easily squeezable into tight spaces, these wheeled duffle bags make life more comfortable when you’re travelling between all those exciting places. Duffle bag models are soft and malleable and also offer handy home storage solutions for when you’re back home planning your next adventure.
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Cabin Luggage
American Tourister Road Quest Female Gymbag Solid Red

Solid BlackSolid Red

Price£ 35.00

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Cabin LuggageNew
American Tourister Road Quest Sportbag  Grey/Turquoise

Grey/TurquoiseSolid Black

Price£ 35.00

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American Tourister Pikes Peak Wheeled Duffle Bag 75cm Volcanic Black

Carbon BlueVolcanic Black

Price£ 85.00

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American Tourister Road Quest Duffle with Wheels L  Grey/Turquoise


Price£ 89.00

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American Tourister Herolite Wheeled Duffle Bag 79cm  Formula Red

Volcanic BlackFormula RedMidnight Blue

Price£ 95.00

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