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If you don't want to lose precious time waiting around airports, plus save some cash by avoiding check-in luggage costs, choose a hand luggage option which you can take in the plane with you.

Follow these simple steps to find your perfect hand luggage:

  • Check the cabin luggage dimensions of the airlines you fly with most often - you'll see that there are several different size and weight restrictions across the board. Some airlines have the same allowance, for example: easyJet and British Airways both allow 56 x 45 x 25cm size hand baggage, whilst Ryanair, Vueling and Air Berlin all share the same 55 x 40 x 20cm cabin bag allowance.
  • American Tourister has a number of options per airline so you can choose your favourite style from our awesome range of colourful, funky, hard and soft suitcases.
  • Pack and go! Don't forget to check the maximum weight allowed on board.

Please note: We endeavour to publish up to date cabin luggage information; nevertheless it is strongly advised that you check with your airline before travel as cabin luggage dimensions are subject to change.

See cabin sizes per airline

* The sizes shown per airline indicate the exterior dimensions in centimetres, including handles, wheels, bottom glides, side pockets and other external parts. Measurements of volume, dimensions and weight are carried out in the American Tourister laboratories using procedures whereby tolerances up to 1.5 cm in dimensions and 5% in weight and volume cannot be excluded.

Looking for a Specific airline?

If your airline isn’t listed in the groups above, please use our cabin luggage finder tool. Filter for your airline and discover American Tourister’s list of suitable cases. Please note that this tool is for guidance only as cabin luggage dimensions may be subject to change.