Alumo, our first aluminium suitcase

Let your suitcase show where you have been with ALUMO. This is the first aluminium collection ever – and it’s must-have travel item for everyone who wants to travel in style. It is made of 100% lightweight aluminium, fits with every look, goes with every style!

Aluminium is trending Aluminium luggage is gaining more and more popularity, mainly due to the timeless look and durability factors. The industrial design combined with a super cool shine is a winning combination, and makes it the only type of suitcase that improves with age. Although they are very durable, it’s not a secret that some wear and tear might become visible along the way. But every dent, scratch or scrape tells a story of where you’ve been, that’s why frequent travellers see their aluminium suitcase as their ultimate travel passport!


Alumo’s features

  • Alumo Features
  • ALUMO has some amazing features, both on the inside and outside of the suitcase. The inside is divided in two compartments which are closed by a partition with 4 extra pockets! These can practically store all your small items. The top divider pocket and detachable divider with tree pockets keeps your small items organized.

  • Alumo Features
  • ALUMO keeps your belongings safe and sound thanks to its 2-point locking system with 3-digit TSA function.

A smooth journey is guaranteed thanks to the double-tube pullhandle, softtouch top and side handle and smooth rolling double wheels. Last but not least? Say bye bye to hand luggage restrictions, as almost all airlines accept ALUMO as hand luggage! Shop ALUMO here!