Tips and tricks to travel with cabin luggage

Travelling with a cabin suitcase means that you have to be creative, and use your space wisely! We sometimes end up squeezing all our clothes and toiletries together until our zipper almost tears, but we don't want this to happen... What is it that you need to take into account travelling with a cabin bag? Here are six useful tips.

Check the airlines restrictions

Not all airlines accept the same cabin luggage dimensions. Some airlines accept 55x40x20cm, while others only accept 40x30x20cm. All airlines can apply their own specifications. Save yourself a lot of stress and check these dimensions before you leave! To make your travel journey easier, you can already check the dimensions per airline on our website.

Choose the right cabin luggage for your trip

When you travel with a cabin bag, you want to have quick access to your belongings, both in the airport and on the airplane. Our Aero Racer suitcase is the ideal suitcase to go on a business trip as it has a dedicated front pocket in which you can store your laptop. Our Airbeat suitcase has several compartments at the front, in which you can store your laptop or other papers you need for your trip. In this way you do not need to open your whole suitcase while you travel!

Aero Racer
Aero Racer

Ask about the hotel facilities

Don’t foresee toiletries or beauty devices you know you might have available at your hotel room. There’s no use in taking a hairdryer or soap when it’s waiting for you in your hotel room.. Maybe you think “my shampoo is the best”, but some accommodations already offer qualitative in-room beauty amenities! Three of our favourites:

  • Stroom in Rotterdam provides Rituals
  • The General Hotel and the Legend Hotel by Elegancia in Paris provide l’Occitane
  • Montanus in Bruges provides Rituals

Add some layers on the plane

It’s better not to put heavy clothes in your suitcase. Examples are heavy sweaters, boots, winter jackets.. You can always decide to take them off once the security check is done. Wear them on the plane to save storage space in your bag.

Make outfit combos

Forget about ‘just in case’ clothes. It’s better to pack some basics that match all of your trousers, than to pack three different outfits of which the clothes are not interchangeable. Choose garments that all work together. We advise to always pack two items of each type of clothing! Pack two t-shirts, two pairs of trousers and two cardigans. Result? 12 outfits with only 6 garments! If shopping is not on your holiday to do list, and you did not plan to buy extra clothes during your holiday, 3 is the magical number: 3 t-shirts, 3 trousers and 3 cardigans. Then you’ll have even 18 outfits out of 9 pieces of clothing!

Also important: go for multi-purpose clothes! Pack clothes that are not too stylish, but also not too basic, so that you never feel over- or underdressed. One extra piece of advice: know what you wear! You probably think “I haven’t worn this so much, I’ll wear it on my vacation”, but it’s highly likely that you’ll still go for the trousers that fit the best. Comfort is key!

Use the correct packing method

The way you fold your clothes is also very important. You probably put your clothes straight from your closet into your suitcase, but you can consider another packing method. When you roll your clothes, you have more space, AND you prevent creases. Also put them at the bottom of your bag so you can put folded items above.

When you prefer not to lose much time in folding your clothes in the right way, you can simply choose for a suitcase with a practical interior organization. Look no further than our Modern Dream. This suitcase has cross ribbons and a divider pad with pocket in the top compartment.

Our Alumo suitcase even has a divider pad with 3 integrated extra pockets in the bottom compartment. The ideal place to put small objects like cosmetics and socks.

Use the correct packing method

Repack your liquids

Airlines only allow liquid bottles of 100ml. If you take more than that quantity, you’ll have to throw your bottles away at the security check. You better avoid these kind of situations by buying little plastic travel bottles, especially made for carrying liquids on the plane. You can find them online or in a shop nearby.

Repack your liquids