Superhero Day

Pull on your capes: on the 28th of April, we celebrate Superhero Day! You are probably familiar with most of the superheroes these days, but do you know what their real super power is? Let American Tourister introduce you to today’s most powerful world savers! Can you identify with one of them?

Captain America

What is so special about Captain America? His willingness to keep going, even when life did not give him any lemons. Steve Rogers had a rough start in life, losing his father and mother at an early age. He was also rejected in the US army due to his frailty. The fragile kid from Brooklyn did not have the physical abilities to fight powerful baddies…but his heart was greater than the universe!

As Captain America, Steve represents the American Dream and fought in many wars, that’s why a lot of people adore him. He’s the leader of the Avengers and is a role model for many people. He shows the world what really matters. His most remarkable superpowers? He’s never tired, he is bulletproof, he never ages and processes incoming visuals faster than any other human being! On the other hand, he’s vulnerable to all normal diseases, what really makes him human.

Do you feel a bit like Captain America?

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Captain America


This superhero from the Star Wars movies may be a bit atypical, as he’s not really human. R2D2 is stubborn, but powerful, and most of all loyal to his friends. R2D2 made it far outside the Star Wars scene.. he was spotted in Sesame Street and made his film debute in Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

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Mickey and Minnie

Not every superhero wears a cape! Minnie and Mickey are the perfect example. Mickey is a jack-of-all trades: he can drive a boat, fly a plane, hunt ghosts and fought crazy scientists! He always takes it up for the good people…and is a romantic at heart.

His wifey Minnie is a wonder woman in many ways. Her sweetness is her super power! She sees the beauty in everything.. and that can sometimes turn against her. She absorbs the emotions and worries of others to that extent that she forgets her own. Minnie is also a great leader: in hectic situations, Minnie is brave enough to take the lead and solve the problem.

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