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Music story Off-Stage with: Möwe

When life just suddenly turns on its head – that's what it must have felt like for Meli and Clemens from Vienna. Moments ago they were playing in an Indie rock band. Now they're jetting around the world as a producer duo, are friends with Robin Schulz and writing their first album.

Once you’ve seen MÖWE live, you want more: more of that MÖWE sound, more of Melis’ silken voice and more of those sweeping beats, courtesy of Clemens. The Austrians produce Deep House but they go much further than your average DJ duo. Meli and Clemens include singing and guest musicians into their live performances. It becomes clear very quickly that these are two fully-fledged musicians on stage.

Off stage, you’ll soon find out: These are real artists without any hesitation to make contact. After gigs, they dedicate a lot of time to their fans. Each one gets a photo, a heartfelt embrace and answers to sometimes personal questions. The duo, who seem an unlikely match at first glance, take their time out from all the hassle in rural isolation. That is also where they get the best ideas for new songs and find time to recharge their batteries before they’re off again – to the next club, the next festival, Berlin, Tahiti or Vancouver.

We make happy music. Everybody's at ease, jumping around, you just shut off completely, only listening to the music, meeting friends and having fun. A feeling of absolute freedom, the ideal festival atmosphere. We want to transfer that festival feeling into the clubs.

Clemens of MÖWE



They live out of their suitcases, always on call for the next gig: the DJ duo Möwe. Only rival to their dedication as musicians is the close contact they keep to their fans. In their new Moby Remix ‘Almost Home’ Damien Jurado sings ‘the crowd is home’ – would actually make for a nice motto for Möwe.