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3 easy steps to your ideal cabin suitcase

Cabin luggage is your most loyal travel friend! Not only can it act as your all-in-one piece of luggage for short trips, it can come in very handy for long trips as well. But how do you choose the best cabin luggage according to the type of trip you’re taking? What about the weight and size regulations that differ for every airline? No need to worry, we will guide you to the right case!

Step 1: choose the right size
and avoid excess weight

  • Luggage size

    Luggage size

    Check the cabin size rule of the airlines you fly with most often. The smallest size is the cabin case size you need.

    Click here for a list of the hand luggage measurements and weight restrictions per airline for economy class tickets.

  • Luggage weight

    Luggage weight

    Check the weight rules of the airlines you fly with most often. Bear in mind the lowest weight when choosing your case.

  • Tips


    Taking only that perfect cabin suitcase with you and no checked-in luggage allows you to travel cheaper (no luggage check-in fees) and faster (check-in online and avoid bag drop and baggage reclaim queues).

    Choose the lightest suitcase with the largest volume. Our ultra lightweight, yet hard-wearing luggage collection Lightway meets these requirements. Click here to check out our new Lightway collection and its innovative design.

Step 2: which characteristics
are important to you?

Do you mostly go on short-haul/European city trips? Do you travel abroad for work? Or are weekend trips your thing? The kind of trip defines the characteristics of your ideal cabin size.

  • Expandable suitcase or not?

    Expandable suitcase or not?

    Do you always travel with the same airline or do you travel with different airlines? In the latter case, an expandable suitcase might be a good option for you. Expandable suitcases allow you to increase the packing space by 2 litres or more: perfect for an extra pair of trousers and a shirt.

    Check out our Lightway 4-wheel cabin baggage spinner 55 cm! An all-rounder allowed as hand luggage by most airlines, including Ryanair (55x40x20cm) and easyJet (56x45x25cm).

    Or maybe you prefer our Atlanta Heights 2-wheel business upright 55 cm. This suitcase weighs only 2.4 kg but offers full business organization.

  • Hard or soft?

    Hard or soft?

    Is ultimate luggage protection important to you? Are you looking for an easy-to-clean suitcase? Are you the type that doesn’t need a lot of outside pockets to store last-minute things? Then a hardside suitcase might be the best option for you, protecting your belongings from any hard impact while travelling by car, train or plane.

    Check out our Bon Air 4-wheel cabin baggage spinner suitcase 55 cm. Made of polypropylene, a material also used in the car industry, it is therefore very strong even at low temperatures.

    Or maybe flexibility is of the utmost importance to you? Maybe you are often in a hurry and looking for easy access to all your belongings? Then a resistant and lightweight softside suitcase with exterior pockets might be the best choice for you. The front or side pockets give you easy access to your personal belongings at any time, such as travel documents, tablet or laptop, while the advantage of fabric provides additional packing and storing flexibility.

    Check out our Atlanta Heights 4-wheel cabin baggage spinner 55 cm. Atlanta Heights suitcases are characterised by easily accessible front pockets that include an optimal organized business compartment, and offer intelligent organization for all personal belongings.

  • Upright (2 wheels) or spinner (4 wheels) model?

    Upright (2 wheels) or spinner (4 wheels) model?

    Upright suitcases have a slightly larger volume than 4-wheel suitcases of the same size and only uprights are available in smaller sizes.

    Check out our Coral Bay collection. The larger wheels give you extra travel comfort.

    The four wheels of a spinner help you roll the suitcase in multiple directions, allowing easy manoeuvrability. Going through the aisle on an airplane or train becomes a piece of cake.

    Check out our Palm Valley 4-wheel cabin baggage spinner suitcase 55 cm limited edition! The lightweight double wheels ensure smooth rolling at any time and extra stability when on the move.

Step 3: Pack ‘n’ go!

The only thing left to do now is to pack your things and leave for your next adventure!


Weigh your case before you leave home to make sure you don’t exceed the airline allowance. Don’t forget the liquid rules for on-board cases.