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Are you the prepper or the foodie?

Discover our different #travelertypes

Everybody has a different way of discovering the world. Some of us just want to maximise every second abroad by cramming in as many experiences as possible. For others, they’ll only discover what language is spoken at their destination when they read the signs at the arrival airport. While foodie types take tasting cultures literally, and hop from one local restaurant to another, barely paying any attention to the sights other tourists are flocking to.

Check out the 4 cool and kooky traveller types: the Prepper, the Foodie, the Hopeful Single and the Shopaholic, all preparing for their big trip. Whether they’re stuffing in a range of desperate “Kiss me I’m single” shirts or going through every item on their well-ordered checklist, they all have one thing in common: thanks to American Tourister, they’re ready.

The Foodie packs his extra strong and secure Lock’n’Roll suitcase, while the Shopaholic opts for our über fashionable Air Force 1 in Gradient Yellow and Gradient Pink. The expandable Pikes Peak suitcase with a range of features is the number one choice for the Prepper. While our Hopeful Single hopes to find the love of his life with his eye-catching Solar Yellow Bon Air case.

Whatever type of trip your holiday turns out to be, American Tourister has a lightweight suitcase that’s perfect for you. So that when life calls, you’re ready.