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  • Innovative, resistant polypropylene material for lightness and strength

  • Keep belongings secure with the recessed TSA combination lock on all models

  • Ergonomic handles and smooth-rolling double wheels for easy, comfortable manoeuvring

  • Dynamic, sporty design available in 6 bright tones with vivid colour accents

Gaze up, trace the sky and imagine the endless list of fascinating places you could visit... Once you’ve picked a suitably cool destination, you’re going to need a suitcase to match: Skytracer is our fantastic hard suitcase choice, combining extreme strength and lightness, all wrapped up in a colour-matching, contemporary design. With a dynamic mix of matte and shiny textures, recessed TSA lock, great internal storage options and comfortable, ergonomic handles, this suitcase will earn itself a worthy place on your travels.
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