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  • Assortment available in 2 design editions: colourful Super Light and trendy Lifestyle

  • Wide range of hand luggage sizes to fit almost all airline dimensions

  • Handy interior organisation in cool bi-tone colours

  • TSA-approved padlock to help keep your stuff safely stored

American Tourister has done it again and come up with an even lighter suitcase, beating its nearest rival Lightway by 150 grams! The innovative combo of fibre glass and polypropylene injected reinforcements presents a remarkable soft suitcase which is both super strong and impressively light, plus you’ll get even more packing volume than before. Take your pick from Herolite’s 2 design editions: the colourful and sporty ‘Super Light’, and the trendy ‘Lifestyle’ with soft touch fabric inspired by contemporary denim. Weighing a mere 2.2kg for the large Super Light spinner and an amazing 1.45kg for the Super Light upright 55cm...Herolite keeps it light!
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